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Welcome to CPSuperstore! We are the creators of the Fang Engine and Machine Learning Made Simple!
Our motto is simple. Learn, Create, Educate.


Browse our collection of games which are more polished and complete than the ones on Itch.IO.

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Check out our collection of games we have made available on Itch.IO for the purpose of prototyping, and showing what the Fang Engine is capable of

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In addition to games, we have also written books on various topics which are available for purchase on Amazon Kindle

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Machine Learning Made Simple is one of our biggest projects. The goal is to explain complicated topics in a way which anyone can understand

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In addition to making games, we also do machine learning and data science research! We have published some papers which are freely available on the MachineLearningMadeSimple website. Some of the papers we have published are about a new algorithm we created for feature and target prediction in a structured numerical data set!

In addition to machine learning and data science research, we also have published some papers on reverse engineering the physics in Just Cause 4. Some of our papers include approximating the mass of various planes and helicopters in the game. Why? Because we can, that’s why!

Many more papers are coming which will use our findings for further research, and exploring the physics behind more games!